Sponsored Membership

Free membership for sedimentologists in difficult circumstances.

Who is it for?

Any sedimentologist, regardless of country, who is unable to pay their membership owing to circumstances beyond their control, is encouraged to apply for a sponsored membership which is funded by the IAS and its members through the Friendship Scheme. Applicants need to provide a supporting case, priority is given to those from low and lower middle income countries but each case is assessed on its merits.

What are the benefits?

Access to online journals & books

You have a gigantic source of top quality published content right at your fingertips for use and reference.

Discounted conferences

You can attend important IAS meetings at reduced rates.

Financial support

Post-doctoral grants are available for early career researchers. Institutional grants are available to members in lower-income countries.

Special Lecture Tours

You can host a visit from one of the IAS distinguished lecturers to give expert presentations and short courses.

Conference material

Free online access to abstract volumes from all IAS past annual conferences.

Printed books

Print copies of IAS special publications can be purchased at a substantial discount and all new IAS books are free to download for members.

Plus more!

  • You can quickly build a global network of colleagues and friends through the membership directory, IAS meetings and IAS social media.
  • You can keep up to date with the latest IAS news through the monthly e-newsletter.
  • You can take out a subscription to Journal of Petroleum Geology at a reduced rate.
  • You can order print copies of IAS journals at a substantially reduced rate.
  • You can apply for IAS sponsorship of your conference, short course, field meeting, or workshop.




Membership of the IAS is very affordable with annual dues that are much lower than for many other learned societies. The many benefits available for IAS members therefore represent excellent value.



Recurring annual payment

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  • Access to full IAS publications archive and latest articles
  • Postgraduate research grants
  • Masters fieldwork awards
  • International summer schools
  • Support with travel costs to IAS meetings
  • Networking opportunities



Recurring annual payment

Get Started
  • Access to full IAS publications archive and latest articles
  • Postdoctoral research grants
  • Meeting sponsorship opportunities
  • Institutional grants
  • Special lecture tour
  • Regular newsletters
  • All the benefits of ordinary membership
  • For sedimentologists in countries with limited financial resources
  • Also for any unable to pay for other reasons beyond their control
  • Supported by IAS and member donations
  • Each case assessed on its merits