Some of the many benefits of IAS membership.


The IAS publishes high-impact scientific journals that are recognised to be leading publications in the field, as well as a wide range of special publication books and field guides



The flagship journal of the IAS

Impact factor 3.5

Ranking 3/48 (Geology)

No submission fees

Online Open option


The Depositional Record

The Depositional Record

The interdisciplinary journal of the IAS

Impact factor 2.4

No submission fees

Fully open access

Basin Research

Basic Research

The only journal dedicated to sedimentary basin evolution

Published on behalf of IAS and EAGE

Impact factor 3.2

Ranking 78/201 (Multidisciplinary geosciences)

No submission fees

Online open option

Petroleum Geology

Journal of Petroleum Geology

Quarterly journal devoted to oil and gas geology especially outside North America

Published in association with the IAS

Reduced rate subscriptions available to IAS members

Thematic Books

Thematic Books

Thematic, peer-reviewed volumes, edited by specialists, on subjects of key interest to sedimentologists.

Over 50 published to date.

New publications can be downloaded from IAS website by members.

Includes reprint series and field guides.


Travel Grants

IAS sponsors selected sedimentology-related meetings by awarding travel grants to participating IAS student members. These help to alleviate the overall costs students face when participating in such meetings.

Postgraduate Research Grants

These ideal for funding sedimentological analyses or field data collection that are related to, but not covered by, existing PhD bursaries. They can be used for testing new ideas that have arisen from the PhD research, visiting other institutes to use specialized facilities, or for collecting supplementary data. Up to 10 grants of up to 1,000 Euro each, twice per year.

Post-Doctoral Research Grants

These provide seed funding to assist early-career post-doctoral researchers in either establishing a proof of concept, in order to support applications to national research funding bodies, or to fund areas of a project that were not included in the original project scope. Up to 4 grants of up to 2,500 Euro each, twice per year.

Judith McKenzie Field Work Award

These aim to promote sedimentological fieldwork skills and observations for the newest generation of earth scientists. The awarded budget specifically supports MSc students for their dissertation work in the field. Up to 5 grants of 300 Euro each twice per year.

Institutional Grants

These are dedicated to capacity building in less-developed countries, allowing Earth Science departments to acquire sedimentological equipment for teaching and research.

Institutional and Research Grants have two closing dates on 31st March and 30th September each year. Guidelines and application forms are available through member login to the website.

Travel grants are advertised in the e-Newsletter and IAS social media as they are opened. Guidelines, closing dates and application forms are available through student member login to the website.


Just some of the events that IAS members can participate in

ISC 2026

International Sedimentological Congress

The International Sedimentological Congress (ISC) is organized every four years. The conference aims to gather participants from all over the world to discuss and share the most recent advances in the broad field of sedimentology. IAS members enjoy significantly reduced registration fees.

International Meetings of Sedimentology

IAS Meetings of Sedimentology are held each year except for the year an International Sedimentological Congress takes place. This regional meeting gathers participants to discuss and share the most recent advances in the field of sedimentology. IAS members enjoy significantly reduced registration fees.

IAS Summer School

The IAS International Summer School of Sedimentology provides post-graduate research students an opportunity to interact with expert lecturers who focus on new and exciting topics in sedimentology presented as field observations and exercises backed up with classroom lectures. The biannual IAS Summer School is always held in an area of widely recognized sedimentological significance.

Special Lecture Tour

IAS Special Lecture Tours (SLT) allow sedimentology groups to invite a well-known expert to give lectures and short courses in their country. The lectures are usually accompanied by round-table discussions and local field trips.

Sponsored Meetings

IAS financially sponsors selected sedimentology-related meetings and events, usually in the form of awarding student travel grants to support PhD and other students with their sedimentology studies. The IAS also supports conferences by giving them additional exposure on the IAS website and in its e-Newsletter.