Common Questions

Q: I am an active member but the Wiley website won't recognize me when I try to login with my IAS credentials whenever I want to read content.

A: This is perfectly normal, since you should always access your paid content through the IAS website. The IAS does not host any published content on its website, but redirects members with the right access permissions to the Wiley website. To do this, a so called WTPS mechanism is used, which ensures your email and password is never shared with third parties.

Please take a look at this document for detailed guidelines.

Q: Some pages are not reacting as expected, especially those where I need to interact with.

A: We try to use as little (java)script as possible for maximum compatibility. However, some pages canot exist without a minimum of script code. We do test our pages against the latest browsers on multiple platforms, but unfortunately we do not have the means to test every version of every browser on every platform.

Our experience is that often a problem occurs due to a particular user setting. Therefore, we kindly ask, whenever you experience a problem, to try and switch to another browser first. Of course, if the same error occurs on different browsers and platforms, we welcome your feedback via the contact page.

Please try to describe the problem as detailed as possible, including the version of your browser and platform. We appreciate and value all our users’ efforts to make the website the best experience as possible for all.

Q: I want to publish my article in Sedimentology. What do I need to do and where should I start?

A: Go to the dedicated authors info page on the Wiley website and check the Author Guidelines.

Q: I want to do a presentation at an IAS meeting. What are my options?

A: Contributions to meetings of the IAS may be created as either a Keynote, Poster, Oral or Short Oral presentation. All four modes of presentation are treated equally and do not in any way reflect the scientific quality or value of the presented material. Check the presentation statement for more details.

Q: I'm looking for specific content presented at an IAS conference. Can you help?

A: We already have a large collection of digital content (abstracts, field guides,...) from IAS conferences, but it is by no means complete. We are always looking to expand it, with the help from members, by digitizing old analogue content,...

All our active members have full access to the current archive from the 'Downloads'-section in their profile.

Q: I would like to use copyrighted material from IAS Special Publications. Is this possible?
A: Yes, as long you agree with certain terms and conditions. You can use our dedicated Request for Permission form for this.
Q: I want to recover my forgotten password but I have no access to my registered IAS login email. What should I do?
A: Please contact the IAS through the contact form. We will assist you to find the best solution.
Q: Am I required to fill out a complete profile as an IAS member?

A: Not at all. The IAS highly values your privacy.

However, if you enter information about yourself and your research in the personal details section and you allow to be listed in the Members Directory, this might lead to new opportunities based on shared interests. Other members might be interested to work together with you and can contact you to set up new projects, write articles,...

Please note that the email address you registered with, is never exposed to third parties. If you want to be contacted by email, you should enter an email address in your personal contact details.

Q: I'm no longer active member of the IAS. Can others still see my personal details in the Members Directory?
A: No. The moment your membership expires, you are no longer listed.