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We are most honoured to invite you cordially to Kraków, the cradle of Polish sedimentology, for the IAS 31st Meeting of Sedimentology to be held on the 22nd-25th of June 2015.

Kraków will host an IAS meeting for the second time, 29 years after the IAS 7th European Meeting in 1986. The IAS annual meetings are an excellent opportunity to share research experience and progress in ideas, to discuss all new hot or controversial topics, to initiate collaborative projects, and also to become acquainted with the sedimentary successions and their studies in the host country.

The late June in Kraków - an architectural pearl among the medieval central European cities - is still the time of an active academic life, when the city is full of its students and the wave of tourists is just starting to swell.

The city of Kraków is geologically located at the boundary of the young Carpathian Mountains and the old European Platform, with a plethora of sedimentary rock successions and research issues. This location allows us to offer you a wide range of topics for the pre- and post-meeting field trips.

See you then in Kraków!

For the organizing committee,
Michał Gradziński