Postgraduate Research Grants

A grant scheme designed to help PhD students by offering financial support for fieldwork, data acquisition and analysis, visits to other institutes to use specialized facilities, or participation in field excursions directly related to the PhD research subject. FOR IAS STUDENT MEMBERS ONLY


Travel Grants

IAS sponsors selected sedimentology-related meetings by awarding travel grants to participating IAS student members. Travel grants are not intended to cover all expenses (i.e. travel, housing, registration) entirely, but rather to help alleviate the overall costs students may be facing when participating in such meetings. FOR IAS STUDENT MEMBERS ONLY


Judith McKenzie Field Work Award

This award aims to promote sedimentological field observations for the newest generation of earth scientists. The awarded budget will support MSc students for their dissertation work in the field.

The funding behind this award was donated by Judith McKenzie, coming from the IUGS Emile Argand Award, presented to her in 2016. Judith McKenzie is Professor Emeritus Of Earth System Sciences in the Geological Institute, Department of Earth Science at ETH Z├╝rich, past IAS-president and co-founder of the IAS Summer Schools. FOR IAS STUDENT MEMBERS ONLY


Post-Doctoral Research Grants

Intended as a seed to assist early-career post-doctoral researchers in either establishing a proof of concept, in order to support applications to national research funding bodies, or to fund areas of a project that were not included in the original project scope. FOR IAS FULL MEMBERS ONLY


Institutional Grants

Meant for capacity building in less-developed countries. The list of the countries that are eligible for such support is provided in the guidelines, and is based on the World Bank list of low-income and lower-middle-income economies. The purpose of this grant scheme is to allow Earth Science Departments to acquire sedimentological equipment for teaching and research. FOR IAS FULL MEMBERS ONLY

The first institutional grant was awarded in 2019 to the Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo, Mozambique. The philosophy behind this grant, as well as the handover is documented by a short video report.